Secure onine banking
through dedicated connection:

IBOX banking provides a secure environment for safe daily banking activities.
It creates a secure one-on-one connection with the bank, and bank only.
No third parties allowed.

In the game below, click on the bugs to find out how IBOX eliminates online banking risks

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Shop without worry
that your info will be left behind

iBox Shopping creates a unique online experience where users are provided with a secure virtual platform, and are empowered with tools to control their private data. No more having to blindly trust merchants. Users can be in control of their own credit card and private information. Make your credit card number vanish in a matter of minutes.

Email& Messaging

Delete documents from the server, where they remain even after you empty the trash. iBox Email Messaging addresses not only security, but privacy. Private data is securely communicated, and users have the option to create an email that can automatically self-erase.

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iBOX secure and private text and email messaging has multiple aspects to it. To prevent text messages from being intercepted, we are applying vanishing data technology. This technology revolutionizes the text message, as we now know it: each message can be customized such that it will cease to exist at a predetermined point in time.

This technology makes use of the fundamental nature of the way data travels through multiple nodes of the Internet. It is nearly impossible to retrace the steps by which this data travels, rendering these messages virtually irrecoverable. (Under development)

Social Networking

iBox can help users enjoy social networking, without the worries of having their pictures transmitted all over the internet. iBox features a vanishing data tool that can erase media over time. Users will have the choice to control what media they keep on social networking websites. No more blasts from the past..


For the past several years, the financial industry has transformed via the emergence of new mobile apps such as check deposits, balance transfers, payments and P2P transactions utilizing Smart phones. The application software and operating system that resides on the mobile device are subject to attack.

iBOX for Smart Phones creates a secure, isolated environment for safe communication with financial institutions. It runs on a separate operating system, to provide the highest level of security. iBOX deployed on Smart Phones provide users with security on the go.


iBOX prevents programs from automatically running downloaded files and programs from the Internet. This includes malicious programs, viruses, spam, corrupted media files on your home computer.

iBOX allows to play without fear from download of spam and malicious software, potential threat for system security.

Because IBOX is a virtual machine, your computer is safe when browsing unreputable web sites that contain harmful cookies, key logging programs or other types of threats.