At 3 a.m. on July 6, Mr Blanchard tried to log on to his company's Citibank account but couldn't do so with his regular password and token code. He called Citibank and was told it would change his password and send him a new one by overnight mail. "I thought at that point I was safe," he says. But he still couldn't get in.
By the time he called his local bank branch to sort out the problem, online thieves had sent $1,007,655 to banks in Latvia and Ukraine.

73% Of Small Businesses Were Victims Of Cyber Attacks

In 2010 this Zeus virus stolen $70 million

and attempted to steal $150 million more. Zeus is a Trojan Horse that steals banking information by keystroke logging.

3.88% of the Fortune 500 companies PC's

were accessed to some extent by computers infected by Zeus Trojan.

1.8 to 12 million zombie computers

owned by a large and small businesses, financial institutions, government agencies and individuals were infected with the "Butterfly Bot"


do not enable encryption on their wireless network

No trained IT personnel to secure traffic


still dont use ANY antivirus software

No sophisticated security software or antivirus/malware programs


do not have defined security policies in place

No security policies, security education or training for staff

million adults

were victims of identity theft in 2009.
The total fraud amount was $54 billion. 

victim spent

21 hours and $373 out of pocket  resolving the crime.

4.8% of the population

was a victim of identity fraud in 2009.
13% of identity fraud crimes were committed by someone the victim knew

Internet provides acess to an open pool of information. But often what you see on the surface is not the same underneath: malware designed to steal information from your computer, can be disguised into anything from an email to a bank website

iBOX creates a window on your desktop with a separate operating system, that is designed to protect from most viruses and forms of identity theft. Since this window is a completely separate from the rest of your computer, there is nothing for viruses to harm and no place to install into.

A virtual machine that runs on both windows and mac machines

A stripped down operating system that runs inside the virtual machine

A customized web browser

Secure add-ons that provide additional layers of privacy

Virtual keyboard for optional secure entry of passwords

iBOX protects gainst most cyber attacks:

Key Logging, Cross Site Scripting, Windows and Mac Viruses, Malware, "Man in the Middle Attack"


iBOX provides secure access to banking / shopping websites.
It simultaneously eliminates most vulnerabilities by restricting online presence.

Social Responcibility

Filtering internet content to provide the user with diverse, quality and socially responcible web services and vendors.


iBOX privacy settings protect the information you enter online from being stored.

Vanishing Data technology prevents text messages
and emails from being intercepted.

Vanish is a unique secure text messaging app that utilizes our cutting edge security approach. The users of the application can send and receive encrypted secure messages that can only be decrypted on the mobile device of the intended recipient. The app uses a 3-step method to ensure that sensitive messages cannot be intercepted or read in route.

At its core Vanish utilizes extremely secure encryption and a key distribution technique that allows user to stay private during the chat session and its key expiration mechanism allows the app to eliminate the ability for both devices and parties to reproduce the decrypted message by destroying the keys.

When encryption and decryption keys are gone, the messages are rendered unreadable. They will be vanished.