What is VirtualBox (Virtual Machine)?
VirtualBox is a virtualization application. It is a tightly isolated software container that can run its own operating systems and applications as if it were a physical computer. A virtual machine behaves exactly like a physical computer and contains it own virtual CPU, RAM, hard disk and network interface card.
How does iBOX work?
iBOX creates a secure, private environment on your computer by using Virtualization technology. It can be considered a cyber "cleanroom". You just have to download iBOX from our website and run it from your computer or USB device.
How do I get an iBOX?
Simply go to our website and download iBOX for Mac or Windows.
What happens if lose my iBOX?
Short answer is nothing. iBOX does not store any sensitive information or private data. It simply provides secure and private access to your Internet destination. It's like a subway pass, just get another one.
What about all of my security information such as passwords for my online banking
All of your authentication information that is required by your financial institution to log in to your account remains the same. Consider iBOX as more secure Internet Browser that operates on its own platform.
What is the price for this product (hint: it's free)?
iBOX is free.
What is a shared folder?
A shared folder allows you to copies files between the iBOX and the host machine.
How do I install a shared folder?
Start iBOX.
- In the "Devices" menu, choose "Shared Folders..."
- Click on the plus (+) sign to add any folder on your host machine.
- Reboot iBOX on a MAC: In the "Machine" menu, choose "Reset"
- Reboot iBOX on a PC:
- If you now go to the folder on your computer that you shared with iBOX, you will then be able to see all the files that have been downloaded.
- For any additional information please refer
to the tutorial
How can I find files that I have downloaded on iBOX?
iBOX allows you to download files from the web without compromising security. However, you cannot open or see downloaded files on iBOX. All downloaded files are stored in the shared folder and can be accessed on the host machine. Please see the section on how do I install a shared folder.
What is 'Send Page by Email'?
Send page by email is an iBOX feature that allows you to email copies of web pages to anyone without leaving iBOX.  The majority of web pages can be saved in PDF format and sent as an email attachment.  To start the application for the first time, please choose menu option File – Send Page by Email.
How do I configure the 'Send Page by Email' feature on iBOX?
In order for this feature to work correctly, you must configure the 'Send Page by Email' option, which can be found at Tools – Send Page by Email Options. 

Configuration options include:

Smtp menu – the list of email service providers. If you can't find your email host among others, simply choose "others" from the list and fill in the details manually.

Your email address – complete full email address, e.g

SMTP server – will most likely be set automatically if you were able to select your email provider in the SMTP menu. If not, please refer to your email service provider documentation.

SMTP user name – user name of your email account (typically this is everything before @ sign).
You may add multiple email accounts to send emails from iBOX.  To start the application for the first time, please choose the menu option File -> Send Page by Email.
What is SMTP?
SMTP is a protocol that is used to transfer mail across the Internet. In order to work, it is critical that you know the SMTP server name and port number of your email service provider in order to 'Send Page by Email' feature. To find that information please refer to your email provider web site.

I don't receive sent email, what could be the problem?

1. Check Internet connection of the host machine.

2. Check if you spelled the recipient's email correctly

3. Check if SMTP server settings are correct

4. Check the receiver's spam folder.

If none of above was helpful, please contact us at
I closed browser, how do I open it again?
Just right click with your mouse anywhere on the desktop. The context menu should come up. If you click on the menu and Browser does not launch, please contact us at
What is Aurora?
Aurora is a name for Mozilla Firefox release version 5.0. This version was used as a platform for the customized iBOX browser.
What is virtual keyboard?
Virtual keyboard is a feature that appears on the screen and allows you to enter characters using an on screen keyboard. It only becomes visible at fields that requires you to enter a password by clicking on that field. Virtual keyboard has multiple language options; it can be resized by clicking "up arrow" on the top of the virtual keyboard panel.
Why should I use virtual keyboard?
Virtual keyboard is used to reduce the risk of keystroke logging on the host machine. It is more difficult for malware to monitor the display and mouse to obtain the data entered via the virtual keyboard, than it is to monitor real keystrokes. A keylogging attack records every entry made from the physical keyboard and can send this to an attacker.