Double click on the downloaded file to run the installation script. Select a folder to install iBOX.
We recommend to use "My Documents" folder to store iBOX application.

To run iBOX, double click on the iBOX.exe


Double click on iBOX.pkg icon

Click on continue

Choose the location to install iBOX.

Enter your username and password when prompted.

To complete the installation, click on "Close" button.

To install in the Dock, drag the iBOX icon from the applications folder into the Dock.


Click on shared folder. You will see a window that will look like this

Click on "add folder" icon on the right hand side, and browse to the folder you want to share with iBOX

Click "Ok" and restart your machine. All files that you download in iBOX will be stored on your computer in the directory you specified in "Folder Path". You are ready to use the shared folder.